Premium Grade “Inter-Locking” Custom Engraved Urethane Encased Grip Plate


The heavyweight of our lineup. These GO-U “Quiet Iron® EZ-lift” grip plates are encased in the best, most durable cast polyurethane (CPU) available today, making them virtually indestructible and maintenance free. Less porous than rubber, they are also more hygienic and odor resistant. Our patented interlocking feature facilitates easier lifting and loading from any position allowing the user to safely load more plates onto machines and bars. These Olympic plates maintain a 2% accuracy level consistent with all of our TROY commercial plates.

About Troy Custom Urethane Engraving:

All GO-UL Custom Logo Urethane Encased Plates are laser cut urethane. This ensures high quality design that endures the toughest workouts

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