Frequently Asked Questions

What brands do we service?

We service a variety of makes and models, but we have the experience and relationships to consistently service:

  • Spirit
  • Cybex
  • SportsArt
  • TuffStuff
  • Bodycraft
  • Concept 2
  • PhysiocycleHealth
  • Care International
  • Bodyguard
  • Life
  • True
  • Vision
  • Precor
  • Woodway
  • TechnoGym
  • Landice
  • Octane
  • Paramount
  • SciFit
  • Stairmaster
  • Star Trac

Questions are based on situations most often encountered in the field & answered by our experienced service technicians .

Does my treadmill require any type of maintenance?

There are a series of things that need to be done completed in order to keep your treadmill running properly.

  • Vacuum the treadmill inside and underneath
  • Maintain the appropriate tension on the walking belt
  • Maintain the appropriate tension on the drive belt
  • Lube the running belt and deck
  • Grease the worm gear of the elevation motor
  • Clean the commutator by removing any burnt spots present
  • Calibrate the speed and elevation

Your owner’s manual should provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish these tasks. Fitness Things also keeps trained technicians on staff that are able to help with any of your maintenance needs. Please contact us if you would like to obtain service.

Does my treadmill require Lube?

Most treadmills require lubrication on the belt and deck. The owner’s manual should indicate what type of lubrication to use and how often to apply it. If your manual says not to lube the belt and deck, it is a good idea to verify that with the manufacturer. Some older treadmills were originally thought to not need any lube. Many of the manufacturer’s adjusted the lubrication requirements due to observations made after long term use.

What kind of lube do I use on my treadmill?

There are many types of lube (Silicon Grease, Liquid Silicone, Paraffin wax bar and synthetic powder paraffin), so it is important to use the one designed for your treadmills components. Your owner’s manual should explain which of these lubes are needed. If you are still uncertain, the manufacturer will be able to indicate which type should be used. If your treadmill brand is listed in the brands that we service, Fitness Things would be happy to help you determine which type of lubrication your treadmill requires.

How often should my treadmill be lubed?

Your treadmill needs to be lubed at least once a year; some treadmills need to be lubed more often though. Your owner’s manual should explain that the treadmill should be lubed after certain amount of months, or after a certain amount of hours or miles of use is put on the treadmill.

How do I lube my Treadmill?

Step 1 – All treadmills need to be free of dust and debris, and should be vacuumed inside and out before lube is applied.

Step 2 – There are two bolts in the back of your treadmill, one on the left and one on the right. Both sides need to be loosened the same amount, this will allow slack in the belt.

Step 3 – Apply your lubricant between the belt and deck, in the area that has the most use.

Step 4 – Re-tightened the rear bolts, and do your normal work out. Your work out will allow the lube to spread, and break in.

How do I lube my Elliptical?

Why does my treadmill seem slower than normal?

If your treadmill seems slower than normal, it could be due to either a lack of lube, a worn belt and deck, a damaged lower board or the electronics may need to be recalibrated. You can usually lube and calibrate the treadmill yourself, with instructions from your owner’s manual. Fitness Things can also come out and evaluate the treadmill.

Why won’t my treadmill turn on?

If your treadmill won’t turn on, please check the following items on your unit:

  • Is the Emergency tether cord in place?
  • Is the power switch on?
  • Is the power cord plugged in all the way?
  • Is the wall breaker popped?
  • If it’s plugged into a surge protector, is the surge protector popped?
  • Is the treadmills built in breaker popped?
  • Is the fuse on the lower board blown?

If all of these things check out, there may be a bigger problem, but would likely require a service call to determine the cause. Fitness Things can come out and evaluate the treadmill for you.

Why does my treadmill squeal when I run on it?

A loud squealing noise is usually an indication of a loose drive belt. If it’s more of a squeak then a squeal, it could almost anything. A squeak could be from a dry pivot point, a loose part, a loose screw or the treadmill just moving back and forth on a non-carpet floor.