Delivery & Setup

At Fitness Things, our factory-trained installers have the comprehensive knowledge and experience required to build today’s most advanced fitness machines. Our team knows how to properly transport and precisely assemble and calibrate each piece of equipment. And when the job is complete, we keep on delivering with a dedicated Customer Service Team that assures our clients receive the best experience possible.

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Arranging Delivery

Once your equipment is ready, we contact you to go over access information, any special instructions and the best day and time for delivery. Our factory-trained installers will also contact you the day of installation to confirm the arrival time.


Assembly & Cleanup

Once on-site, our experienced installers assemble all your equipment exactly where you want it. After careful assembly and calibration, they make sure everything is functioning properly and ready for use. All containers and debris are removed for your convenience.


Topnotch Installers

Our carefully selected installers are highly trained and qualified. Before becoming part of our team, each technician must first pass our extensive background check. Then they are bonded and insured, then trained extensively at the factory.

We’re Ready To Deliver

Our factory-trained installers are highly trained and ready to deliver and assemble all of your fitness machines and equipment. When you’re ready, just give us a click and get ready for our specialized moving crew to get things moving.

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