Preventative Maintenance

Success depends on fitness machines functioning properly and having long, productive lives. To ensure your equipment operates at peak performance, extending the life of your machine and keeping your fitness routine on track, Fitness Things offers a variety of General and Preventative Maintenance Packages. We make sure everything is functioning properly, repairing or replacing parts as needed. See how our maintenance programs can increase the longevity of your equipment today.

Standard Call:

  • Trip Charge
  • $45 for Treadmills, Steppers, Step Mills and Ellipticals
  • $10 for Rowers, Bikes and Strength Equipment
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General Maintenance

For General Maintenance Programs, we test each piece of equipment, performing push tests, checking heart rate sensors, belt tension and tracking on treads. Should an error code, noise or other indication be found, we do additional analysis to identify and address the issue.

Light Commercial Plan

For less than 5 hours of average daily use per unit, we suggest trimester along with an annual Preventative Maintenance.

Full Commercial Plan

For more than 5 hours of average daily use per unit, we suggest monthly with semi-annual Preventative Maintenance.

Additional Cardio Plan

We check all functions and drive belt.

Strength Plan

We lubricate all guide rods, test and tighten cables as needed, review all hardware and tighten as needed.


Preventative Maintenance

Highly recommended for commercial, corporate and organization fitness centers, our Preventative Maintenance Program provides the same general maintenance tasks but with a more thorough, more involved process, performed more often. Additionally, each Preventative Maintenance Program involves more parts with a documented report after each visit.

Light Commercial Plan

Scheduled on an annual or semi-annual schedule.

Full Commercial Plan

Scheduled on a semi-annual or quarterly schedule.

Preventative Maintenance Evaluation Form

Fitness Things offers plans that are purchased either annually or as needed. To get a quote for our maintenance services, please fill out the form below.