Design & Consulting

Our Fitness Design Team works with you closely to create the facility you envision. Our team will assess your fitness style, goals, size restrictions, the kind of and amount of equipment, safety requirements and more. They then develop a variety of options and, utilizing state-of-the-art software, create 2D and 3D layouts so that you can take a virtual walk-through of your proposed fitness space. After addressing and modifying any concerns, our experts create a plan to make your new facility a reality. Achieve your fitness goals with a gym space designed around you!

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User & Site Evaluation

Our Fitness Design Team draws on years of experience to create the fitness facility you need and want. Our team carefully considers the room layout, types of training, short- and long-term goals and more.


Fitness Center Design

Using our state-of-the-art software, we create a series of 2D and 3D layouts of the various options. The fitness facility we design is guaranteed to meet all your needs in a truly eye-catching way.


Design Review & Planning

Reviewing your layouts online allows you to go on a virtual walk-through and voiceover explaining everything. We make any adjustments and start you on the process of making your fitness center a reality.

See Our Design Service in Action

Watch this quick 2-minute video to see how our Fitness Design Team utilizes over four decades of experience to customize a fitness space to accommodate any needs or goals.

Exercise Your Imagination

From exclusive health and fitness clubs to personal home studios, our team of experts have designed it all. Let our Fitness Design Team partner with you to help you achieve your goals. The fitness center of your dreams is just a click away!

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