Hudson Steel Definition Smith/Rack


The Definition Smith Cage has a 7-degree inclination angle that aligns with biomechanics during squat and press movements; it features double-safety thickened adjustment pins, an external adjustable free squat safety bar, and hooks. The adjustment pins use double-safety thickened dowel pins for safer and more convenient use. Standard commercial tubing (1.973.940.098in) combined with safety arms ensures training safety.

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Special Features:

  • 19 adjustable positions with a 2.6in gap between each, the highest setting is 76.6in off the ground, and the lowest safety limit is 24in off the ground, allowing for free selection according to training needs.
  • Dual-side quick-adjust safety arms provide security
  • Smith machine has 15 positions, with a 4in gap between each.
  • 6 integrated barbell plate racks, capable of storing various sizes of plates.


  • BODY/FRAME Lifetime Warranty for the lifetime of the product and applies to defects from manufacturer only.
  • STRUCTURAL MOVING PARTS 5 Years. Applies to defects from manufacturer only.
  • CABLES, UPHOLSTERY, AND ACCESSORIES 5 Years. Applies to defects from manufacturer only.