Heavy Duty Sled Harness


10-Ft nylon leash; heavy-duty stitching, Padded h-style harness allows proper posture for maximum results, 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle

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Harness the power of your inner top athlete with the Prism Fitness Speed Harness Trainer. Crafted with durable black nylon, this padded H-style harness helps develop and improve leg strength and speed by providing resistance tailored to your desired intensity. The durable 10-foot nylon leash boasts reinforced stitching and an easy-grip handle. Additional Information:Can be combined with Quick-Release Leash (sold separately) Choose small (100-180 lbs.) or large (180-250 lbs.) At Prism Fitness Group, a better understanding of the human body starts with the power of movement. The Middleton, Wis.-based company strives to find the safest, most effective ways to prepare the body for movement – whether it’s a professional-level athletic competition, an amateur sporting event, or everyday walking around. Whatever your end goal, Prism’s simple-yet-innovative training equipment can be used to achieve transformative results. Durable black nylon. Develop and improve leg strength and speed. 10-foot nylon leash with reinforced stitching and handle. Fully padded H-design for superior comfort. Choose from several sizes.