Hampton “Tri-Trap” Int’l Bronze Bushing Bar w/ & Urethane Grips


The 35CE Tri-Trap International Olympic Bronze Bushing Bar with Urethane Grips | 35″ | 25.4 mm.

The Hampton original ‘Tri-Trap’ bar is a unique tool that allows users to do Shrugs, Rows, Hammer Curls and Triceps Extensions with a true biomechanic form. This bar offers true comfort!

Includes: One 35′ Olympic bar

Construction: Cold Rolled Carbon Q235 steel.

Tensile Strength: 83,000 PSI

Grip Diameter: 1′ (25.4 mm.)

Gripping Area Length: 19.37′ from shoulder to shoulder

Hash Marks: Single ring Olympic hash marks

Finish: Electroplated Chrome bar shaft and sleeves

Bar Rotation: Bronze Bushing

Sleeves: 5.74′ Long X 1.97′ Diameter

Sleeve Assembly: Compression pin

End Caps: Rubber,to protect plate loading and end users as well as flooring

Plate Compatibility: Olympic plates with 2′ center hole ONLY

Weight: 25 lbs.

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