Eagle Back Extension



Eagle has always stood as the benchmark for excellence in strength machines. Now we’re redefining what it means to be the best with refined movements, restyled aesthetics, and reimagined user features. The Eagle NX is made up of fifteen premium and unique pieces of strength training equipment designed to transform your facility and their workouts.

  • Dual position lumbar pad allows the user to train the hip extension, lumbar extension, or both at the same time
  • Curved lumbar pad encourages optimal range of motion while minimizing the possibility of excessive extension
  • Counterbalance mechanism offsets the user’s trunk weight for more consistent loading and greater effectiveness
  • Designed to promote proper and controlled movement into extension
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Innovative Design

Redesigned for ease of entry, the Eagle NX Back Extension trains the muscles we use when lifting in the real world. In the standard movement, the user simply grabs the handles and moves back for true lumbar extension. They can also adjust the back pad to train the lumbar and hip extension in one integrated movement.

Easy Adjustment

The gas spring-assisted adjustable foot bar accommodates users of different heights and is easily adjusted from the seated position.

Controlled Lumbar Extension

The Eagle NX Back Extension is designed to promote proper and controlled movement into extension. Curved lumbar pad encourages lumbar extension/flexion while minimizing the possibility of excessive extension. Another Cybex safety design feature.

More Movements for More People

The unique design of the Eagle NX Back Extension allows users to train everything from hip extension through the spinal erectors up into the shoulders and the musculature that holds the scapular in position.